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Living Lab MS is a collaborative project initiated by Sebrae MS, in partnership with 42 public and private institutions that aim to develop innovative ideas and startups in Mato Grosso do Sul.
Opened on June 3, 2016 with the aim of talking about entrepreneurship and innovation in a disruptive way, we are an innovation laboratory where the community brings ideas, we discuss topics through mentoring that promote connections and accelerate, for whom business can repeatable and scalable.
Our work is geared towards the engagement of partners and entrepreneurs who seek to consolidate a community and foster the ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul.
University + Private Initiative + Public Initiative
Connect ideas and people willing to transform and do business using technology and innovation to impact people's lives.
It promotes a connection between entrepreneurs, mentors, investors, universities and national and international companies for business, ideas and initiatives that can emerge and prosper, in addition to revealing a new generation of entrepreneurs and startups.

Line of Work

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The governance objective of the LLMS Partner Network is to engage and enhance the collaboration of each partner, creating a network that can accommodate partners from various institutions and activities. Through this Network it is intended to consolidate the performance of the LLMS, expand its activities, its scope and impact as a promoter of the ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship in Mato Grosso do Sul. The public of this network are professionals from public and private institutions, and educational institutions primarily in the State, but also in other parts of Brazil. As indicators of the success and operation of the Network we can mention the periodic meetings planned with the three groups of partners and also the presentation of results reports. Other indicators will be fixed in the implementation of the Network. The executors will be the members: the Directors of the Living Lab Board, maintainers and institutional institutions of Lab Partners, and the professionals who will form the staff of Lab Mentors.





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Lab Mentors

Philippe Abuchaim de Ávila
Alfeu Vilela
Wanderley Scucuglia
Tania Gomes
Allan Costa
Saulo Arruda
Sanchae Camatti
Rodrigo Pedrosa
Marcus Faria
Kenneth Correa
Marcelo Siqueira
Renato Ishii
Juan Bernabo
Josue Sanches
Jiyan Yari
Jefferson Moreira
Jardel Mattos
Felipe Dib
Erika Jacob
Davi Barboza
Claudio Fernandes
Alvaro Vasques
Carlos Santana
Alexandre Souza
Adaylon Borges

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